Kiss Kiss Bang Bang . . .


"Chloe Day's music resonates like a siren call. Her agonizing sound  submerges listeners into a dream-like state with its seductive, yet  dangerous feel. . . . edgy, breathy, flirty, eerie and eccentric."
- Arizona Daily Sun

Chloe Day spent her childhood in solitude in the Midwest suburban culture of St Louis, MO, growing up at the edge of the woods.

“There’s  something unique about where your mind goes when you spend enough time  alone in nature, how thoughts can disintegrate into a sort of rhythmic  static. It’s like you absorb a pulse that’s always there but just out of earshot.”

Day reports that she never quite found her footing toward a satisfying creative outlet in the conservative reaches of her hometown, taking instead to expressing herself through years of journaling. Her music career came to life upon her relocating to Venice Beach, CA. 

“I always say I moved there for the weather, but the truth is, Venice is like a vortex for misfits who either find their art or drown in the buzz. There’s a constant struggle for balance between tapping into the scene enough to absorb an edgier experience, versus giving yourself the space to shape what you learned into something relatable."

* * * * * * * * 

Day found her voice through a combination of luck and timing. After watching a friend master the guitar from a basic chord book in a few weeks, she ventured off on a 3-month hitchhiking trek through Mexico, during which she picked up a guitar of her own at a roadside stop in Tijuana.

Songwriting seemed to come intuitively, and upon returning to LA, Day overcame her introspective nature in favor of a newfound love of performing.

It was at Molly Malone's pub in the Fairfax District that Day found her first jolt of palpable inspiration in a hotbed of burgeoning talents, including then-fellow open mikers Joe Purdy, Jim Bianco and Eleni Mandell. 

There, she also crossed paths with producer Meghan Gohil and began work on her debut full-length, The Return Of...


The  album was initially released at the Hotel Cafe in Hollywood, and soon  after, a series of shows around her home state triggered a growing fan base as opening track "Kingpin" broke airwaves and Day's work began garnering critical acclaim.

* * * * * * * * 

 "Chloe Day  whispers tunes laden with enough layered secrets, addictions, and  percussive slinkiness for both updated Raymond Chandler adaptations and  creepy indie flicks."
- Kansas City Pitch Weekly

* * * * * * * *

"With  a little-girl croon that sounds half-seductive, half-lethal, Day leaves  her audience curious whether she plans to kiss them or kill them."

 - Riverfront Times

Her sophomore release, Pixie Runway, followed a couple years later and led to regional touring. "The term 'pixie' in the title is no accident; Day has this awesome voice that is sexy, sweet, and just a little predatory."
- Playback:STL

Both albums, as well as Day's subsequent EP Sugar and her third full-length, Ruby in the Rabbit Hole, caught the attention of radio tastemakers around the country, with strong listener responses on Modern Rock stations such as KROX (Austin), KATT (Oklahoma City), and KUPD (Phoenix), as well as on the ever-eclectic airwaves of KCRW (Los Angeles).

* * * * * * * *

Although  Day has long cited the performers around her as her primary influences,  she continues to experiment in the studio with ideas that reach far  beyond the straight acoustic confines of her early days on stage.

Her writing style tends to push the boundaries of traditional pop, refusing  to be pegged down to any one sound or format. The recordings and live shows are a playground of quirky alt-country satires interspersed with a handful of flat-out tearjerkers and steamy lounge numbers, occasionally mixing in some pulsing electronic songs to create what has been dubbed a "schizophrenic genre romp." 

- Flavorpill

Day has recently transplanted herself a second time, finding new music  in the woods of Northern California.  There she performs both solo and as a backup singer and bassist for a number of local bands on a regular basis.

* * * * * * * * 

~ songs are a surrealistic dreamscape ~