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"With a little-girl croon that sounds half-seductive, half-lethal, Day leaves her audience curious whether she plans to kiss them or kill them."

- Riverfront Times

Ruby in the Rabbit Hole


“There’s  something unique about where your mind goes when you spend enough time alone in nature, how thoughts can disintegrate into a sort of rhythmic static. It’s like you absorb a pulse that’s always there but just out of earshot.”

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang...


"Chloe Day's music resonates like a siren call. Her agonizing sound submerges listeners into a dream-like state with its seductive, yet  dangerous feel. . . . edgy, breathy, flirty, eerie and eccentric."

- Arizona Daily Sun


"The sounds of Chloe Day are at once eclectic and entirely commercial, embarking on an adventurous trip of Rock, Pop, Electronica, Jazz, Trip-Hop, and acoustic Folk-Pop. The songs are a surrealistic dreamscape that embody love, lust, fear, loneliness, beginnings, endings, and a vintage scope of human dissolution."  

    --Greg Debonne, The Music Manor

Her writing style tends to push the boundaries of traditional pop, refusing to be pegged down to any one sound or format. The recordings and live shows are a playground of quirky alt-country satires interspersed with a handful of flat-out tearjerkers and steamy lounge numbers, occasionally mixing in some pulsing electronic songs to create what has been dubbed a "schizophrenic genre romp." 

    -- Flavorpill


Critics' Picks - by Kristyn Pomranz

  Chloe Day is my favorite local act gone national (shh, don't tell Murphy  Lee).  With a little-girl croon that sounds half-seductive,  half-lethal, Day leaves her audience curious as to whether she plans to  kiss them or kill them.  And yet, her performances are so hypnotizing,  listeners would probably consent, spiral-eyed, to either.

  Although Day sounds far more European than Midwestern (apt comparisons include the Cardigans' Nina Pearsson or Portishead's Beth Gibbons), she inevitably squashes such resemblances under her erratic guitar, lithe brass and gutteral static. But don't pigeonhole this songbird as  trip-folk just yet - she's also roosting in poppy indie-rock and alt-country territory. Welcome Chloe home for the holi-Day!

  - Chloe Day at Frederick's Music Lounge, 4454 Chippewa, on Tuesday December 27.


Pixie with a Punch - by Seth Ashley  
 The music of St. Louis native Chloe Day is an intriguing  amalgam of bubble-gum pop, electronica, folk, alt-country and indie  rock.  Equal parts seductress and sweetheart, Day sings with a velvety  voice that's too hot to touch.  Her over-the-top crooning is the  centerpiece of her new album, "Pixie Runway," which comes out May 9.    
 Day began her career as a musician after she moved from the Midwest to  Southern California and started playing in coffeehouses and bars.  She  teamed up with fellow native St. Louisan Meghan Gohil to record and  produce her music.  Ranging from light-hearted lounge on "Spoon" to dark  dance beats on "Dirty Little Secret," Day's music explores a vast range  of styles and emotions.

  "I don't ever want to fit my music into one genre because every song  needs to develop the way it wants to," Day has said.  "It has to have  its own feel and vibe.  I'm noticing that songs can be way across the  spectrum and still fit together and tell a story."

  - Wednesday, April 19, at Mojo's


Pitch Weekly - by Mike Warren Music Live

  St. Louis is Tennessee Williams territory, home to sweaty muscles,  humidity and discomfort - not necessarily the place music fans would go to search for rye-and-cigarettes noir music from a mysterious, teasing, vaguely dangerous chanteuse. Yet downriver native Chloe Day whispers tunes laden with enough layered secrets, addictions and percussive slinkiness for both updated Raymond Chandler adaptations and creepy indie flicks.

  Day's songs, with titles such as "Catnip" and "Dirty  Little Secret," should make for an ingtriguing songwriter's evening - even if her muted trumpets don't make it on the bus."

  - CHLOE DAY - Thursday, April 20th, at Davey's Uptown.

Radio & TV


KXRK X96  - Salt Lake City

O'Brien Public Radio 

--Host Corey O'Brien




“With a little girl croon that sounds half-seductive, half-lethal, Day  leaves her audience curious as to whether she plans to kiss them or kill  them. And yet, her performances are so hypnotizing, listeners would  probably consent, spiral-eyed, to either."
--St. Louis Riverfront Times


KDLD - Los Angeles CA

Head Trip
--Host Christian B


Albuquerque NM

"Kiss Kiss Bang Bang . . . Chloe Day's music resonates like a siren  call. Her agonizing sound submerges listeners into a dream-like state  with its seductive, yet dangerous feel . . . edgy, breathy, flirty,  eerie and eccentric."

--Arizona Daily Sun


KROX - Austin TX

Chillville --Host Raydog
Jan 2008 - Chloe kicked off the second year in a row with a live performance & interview on Chillville.


Denton Record Chronicle
Denton, TX

  "Chloe Day's catalog of folk, trip-hop, and electro-goth tunes is a  delightfully schizophrenic genre romp, anchored by her inimitable,  bell-clear pixie vocals."
--Flavorpill Chicago

"If you don't like catchy hooks, don't listen."
--WVRV St. Louis

 "A talented songwriter and passionate musician."
--Oklahoma Gazette


KUPD - Phoenix AZ

Lopsided World of L
--Host Jonathan L


Local IQ
Springfield, IL

"Chloe's  got an exceptional voice and writes a great song too . . . Our webdude  gets more e-mails about her than anything else I play."
--KPNT St. Louis

"Her  music is outstanding and fits the format of Chillville perfectly. We  recently played a couple tracks of hers and got great feedback from our  listeners."
--KROX Austin